This page covers information on the data available and the process for requesting CFAS II data. 

Requesting data

CFAS II interviewing data is stored within an anonymous data archive held on a secure server maintained by the Clinical School Computer Service at the University of Cambridge. 

Researchers wishing to request CFAS data are encouraged to explore the website in formulating research ideas and questions. The data request form below should be completed and submitted to the National Coordinator in the first instance. Data applications are then reviewed by the Co-operative Management Committee (CMC) of CFAS before the Data Managers create the requested datasets for release.

Potential researchers should note that undertakings regarding stewardship and authorship of the data including the provision of returning the data back to the archive which must be agreed before any access to data is granted. A copy of the CFAS Authorship & Publication Policy is available. All researchers wishing to publish work using CFAS data must send drafts of papers to the National Coordinator prior to submission for circulation to the CMC for comments and feedback.


Data Application Form

Data Transfer Agreement

Data Destruction Form

Authorship and Publication Policy


CFAS II essential data information

Additional information regarding the current datasets of CFAS II can be found in the following document available for download. 

CFAS II essential data information

For ethical approval information please visit the MRC CFAS data page.