Study Documentation

Below are copies of CFAS II questionnaires,  information sheets and consent forms used by the CFAS II Cambridge centre.  Some centres had a slightly different initial approach but used similar documents on their own letterhead and modified where appropriate, to comply with Local Ethical Committee requirements.



Please note that these arrangements of questions are copyrighted by MRC CFAS, and some of the questions and question groups are copyrighted by other organisations. Anyone wishing to use these questions in their own schedules should contact the Study Coordinator in the first instance.

Wave 1:

 CFAS II participant interview:

 CFAS II informant interviews:

 Wave 2:

CFAS II year 2 follow up participant interview: 


CFAS II year 2 follow up informant interviews were unchanged from the wave 1 interviews listed above.

Information sheets

Wave 1:

Wave 2:


Wave 1:

Consent Form

Saliva consent

Medical Records consent

Hearing consent

Consultee Consent

Consultee Consent to Informant Int v 1.1

Brain donation consent form

 Wave 2:

Participant Consent form

Hearing consent form

Consultee consent form

Consent to Informant Interview