Research Degrees

On this page you will find the lists of research degrees that have been undertaken using CFAS data. 

Completed PhDs

Master of Science Degree

Degree of Bachelor


Yu-Tzu Wu: Living environment and Mental Health in Later Life, University of Cambridge,2015

Theodore Cosco: Successful Ageing: health trajectories in later life,  University of Cambridge, 2015

Matt Roberts: The Influence of Lifestyle on the Association between Health Conditions and Cognitive Function in Older People: Analysis of CFAS Wales Interim Data, Swansea University, 2015

Daniel Davies: The impact of delirium on Cognitive outcomes in Population based studies, University of Cambridge, 2013

Rianne Van Der Linde: The cause and symptoms of behavioral and Psychological symptoms of dementia in the population, University of Cambridge, 2013

Matthew Prina: An investigation of common mental disorders & health services in later life, University of Cambridge, 2012

David Siedel: Activity demands & older peoples capabilities, University of Cambridge, 2011

Gemma Lace: Tau protein pathodenesis in ageing and dementia, University of Sheffield, 2009

Fiona McDougall: Epidemiology of depression in older people, University of Cambridge, 2008

Julia Zaccai: Dementia in Public Health: the Neuroepidemiology of Alpha-Synucleinopathies, University of Cambridge, 2006

Jessica Keverne: Contributions of the brain cholinergic system to age related cerebrovascular and Eurodegenerative pathology and its potential as a neuropotective target, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 2005

Tom Foltynie: The incidence and prevalence of PD among elderly people in England and Wales: MRC CFAS, University of Cambridge, 2005

Zubeya Anwar-Ali: A molecular analysis of reactive gliosis, University of Cambridge, 2004

Fiona Matthews: Incidence estimation in studies of two-phase two-wave design. A case study using data from the MRC Cognitive Function and Ageing study, University of Cambridge, 2004

Malee Fernando: Cerebral white matter lesions in the aging brain, University of Sheffield, 2003

Angus Yip: Epidemiology of dementia in England and Wales:the Medical Research Council Cognitive Function and Ageing Study, University of Cambridge, 2002

Paul McNamee: The resource implications for care for frail old people, University of Newcastle, 2002

Julie Simpson: The role of chemokines in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis and other neuroinflammatory diseases, University of Sheffield, 1999

Ola Elsayed Gebril, University of Sheffield


Master of Science Degree

Mark Murphy: Metallothionein expression in the ageing brain. University of Sheffield, 2017

Adele Smart: The neuroprotective role of selenoproteins Trx2 and Prx3 in the ageing brain. University of Sheffield, 2017

Jessica Corry: Expression of Selenoprotein P in the ageing brain; association with dementia and oxidative stress. University of Sheffield, 2017

Simon Eggleston: Sirtuin protein expression in the ageing brain in relation to DNA-damage and Alzheimer’s disease type pathology. University of Sheffield, 2016

Motaz Mohammed Fadul: Characterising NDRG2 expression and defining transcriptomic profile of NDRG2+ astrocytes in the ageing brain. University of Sheffield, 2016

Adeline Fluteau: Nuclear retention of FOXO-3 increases glutamine synthetase expression by astrocytes in the ageing brain. Sup SB Wharton and J Simpson, University of Sheffield, 2014 (awarded Masters with Distinction)

Helen A Owens: Regulation of glutamine synthetase expression by Foxo transcription factors in human astrocytes in vitro. Sup. SB Wharton and CJ Garwood, University of Sheffield, 2014 (awarded Masters with Distinction)

Dr Chin Cheng: Hypnotic use and mortality in the older population , University of Cambridge, 2012-2013

Adnan Taher Faizullabhoy: The role of impaired calcium signaling in astrocytes in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer- type pathology in the ageing brain, University of Sheffield , 2011

Vivien Kon Sun: Master of Philosophy in Public Health. Loneliness and mortality in older people, 2009-2009

Alexandrine Huck-Ananou. Mphil in Epidemiology. Polypharmacy and mortality in the older population in England and Wales, 2008-2009

Rianne Van der Linde. MSc in Biomedical Science from Radboud University Nijmegen. Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia in Mild Cognitive Impairment, 2008-2009

Racheal Theaker: Astrocyte injury and death in brain aging, and its relationship to Alzheimer’s type pathology, Sheffield Hallam University in association with the University of Sheffield, 2008

Laura Haynes: Astrocyte DNA damage in brain ageing and its relationship to AD-type pathology, Sheffield Hallam University in association with the University of Sheffield, 2008

Salim Cheeroth: MPhil Epidemiology, University of Cambridge, 2005

Michelle Schubert: MPhil Epidemiology, University of Cambridge, 2005

Christos Tsopelas: MPhil, IOP, Kings College London, 2005

Nicole Basta: MPhil Epidemiology, University of Cambridge, 2004

Nina Banerjee: MPhil Epidemiology, University of Cambridge, 2004

Deborah Hutchings: University of Newcastle, 2003

Sazlina Kamalzaram: University of Nottingham, 2002

Mark Chatfield:  MSc Statistics with Applications in Medicine, Southampton University, 2002

Carol Freeman:  MPhil Epidemiology, University of Cambridge, 2002

Laura Miller:  MSc Medical Statistics, Leicester University, 2001


Degree of Bachelor

Ryan Mathur. Plaque subtyping and relationship to dementia and cognitive function in the MRC CFAS neuropathology cohort. 2014. Awarded 2:1.

A.P. Viggars, Univeristy of Sheffield.Blood-Brain Barrier Dysfunction in the Ageing Cortex. July 2010